Inside Agora, the new Queen West takeout spot from Mamakas

Agora (921 Queen West, at Strachan,, the fast-casual answer to Ossington taverna Mamakas, is ready to sate west-enders’ seemingly bottomless appetite for kopanisti and spanakopita.

“We had a lot of demand from our clients to offer our stuff for lunch and take-home – dips, baklava and pita bread,” says Thanos Tripi, who opened Mamakas in 2014. Two years ago, he set about making plans for a grab-and-go cafe located a short stroll away at the foot of Trinity-Bellwoods.

“Originally, the agora was a place where philosophers and politicians would get together and discuss the affairs of the city. They had to be fed, so food came, then wine came, and then an open-air market developed,” Tripi says.

“It’s very European. I wanted to bring the outside in and the inside out.”